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Victory Song 2.0 (c) 2009

All lyrics by Daniel Greer, (c) 2004 - 2009

Andrea Awakes                                       

We sing of a better man, the man I was before
And we sing of better times, before we were at war
And we know the real battle, lies within ourselves
But I swear it’s her fault, she made me someone else

Times at Stake
Andrea Awakes
Bleeding For My Faith
Andrea Awakes

We sing of broken men, who never win the game
And we sing of alcohol, and ways to kill the pain
And we know that our dreams, were never meant to live
And we know that the little things, always spoil the bitch
I Love It When You Leave Me            

I don’t know what you did to my soul
But I know that I won’t go down
And I don’t know if she ever loved me so
But I can tell ya I won’t go down
And I’ve never been so alone, but the whiskey keeps me warm
And the cocaine keeps me laughin’ at night
And I might seem upset, well I just know too much I guess
I have a problem with always being right

Girl you’re the one I want to need
But I don’t want to need a thing
And I like to hear you breathe
But I love it when you leave me

I may not care but honey I won’t share
Let me keep you to myself
Your mind is your own but please save it for me alone
‘cause I don’t like no other company
in the city we roam but in the country I’m home
I love to watch the fire burn in Little Britain
But Vancouver here I come ‘cause this battle must be won
And we’ll be singin’ a Victory Song

Naomi Fire

Lucky did I hear you say?
Long blond hair my prize did say
Lucky do you, still believe?
Better better wash your sleeve

Never thought to tell ehr
I never thought she would see
But now it's rendered broken
I now she still believes

The walls are red the girl is dead
She never heard me come to bed
Lucky I still want my way
I lied to her, she let me stay

Naomi Fire

A Figment of Intelligence

I'm not worthy I'm just dirty, I'm not a minute I'm just time
flying fortresses of meadows in the way
I'm not here I'm just wierd, I'm your escape to solid ground
translatic laments bring home to a new sound

I am a figment of you imagination
I was born for defamation
Your blindness is a gift
Everything's nothing is holding you adrift

Radiation blooms I'm just like you
Osmosis airborne to bury the wounds
Candid tales of fury flaming to clear the way
Jealousy breeds adultury
Life's spasm rotates a heavenly chime
Lost in the whims of time the candle dies


I took her last breath
It wasn’t so bad
I wasn’t lonely
I just needed a cab

Rain wasn’t falling
How can hope fade
Voices screaming from heaven
Will we ever be safe

I heard her voice say
It was only a kiss
I heard I heard my heart drop
Is it really like this

I opened the ceiling
And spoke from above
We are just ashes
Holding God’s love

Hey you boy, your time is unveiled to the true ploy
Acting like you got a new toy
No time for the boy

Hey you boy, your time is vacant for new lows
But things are just moving so slow
Row after Row

And it's all relative to you boy

It's family, the people you love are so happily
Divorced and living monopolies
We don't make a scene

It's new love, brilliantly glowing in our hearts
But this war is just getting so strong
It's hard to hold on

We're so hypocritical
Always trying to be so political
We're so cynical

Ohh I love my time

Take It
I said hey man, it's always the same with me
It's never a bad time, and I'll never ask you to leave

Yeah I'm a pilgrim, no that girl she don't know me
I live in a small town, and we watch black and white TV

We come face to face with it, not sure what to make of it
Ohh she's so cold I cannot stare, oh she's so cold I cannot bare

But I ain't got no sorrow
'cause I'm drinkin' Publican in Peterborough
The only Montreal on my mind is down the street
Where local 590 likes to meet

I got friends everywhere I go, everywhere I go feels like home
Canada, United States we come, new best friends in every bar

So come and join the hysteria
I'm in the greatest part of the Greater Toronto Area
Sounds of Sunday fill the street
Ontario my home I'm glad to be

She’s So Avengeful                 

This thing wasn’t over, I could tell with time
Drift slowly back together, kill the rest of our prime
A stronger man could fight past that burning in your eyes
And looking back, I wish I was, a stronger man
Then I am, ‘cause I don’t know

How she can be so…  Avengeful
She’s so…  Rock and Roll

A belief fades to nothing, I can’t conquer once again
The passion within it gets eaten up by sin
Not a second, not an hour, does anything stay the same
But I didn’t realize, how quickly this love could be tamed

Not a day, and not a thing
And I don’t know, if I believe
It’s done this way, it’s done for good
Fuck’em all, and take what’s good

I don’t know, and I don’t care
Friends come and go, get out of here
One more time, I just don’t know
How it is, that she can be so…

Star Gaze                                                 

Mon frere above us
Take me to the heights of what’s empty
Driving force among us
Never right but they’re still free

Glorified murder
Now there’s nothing left but piercing
Battlefield below us
Give me a chance to learn to breathe

I want to be, an addicted junkie
I want to need, to never be freed
I want to be, a rock star junkie
They care it’s me, tripping out famously

Just to reiterate
Hide behind the hate of the world I see
Traction in the planet
One with the stars and peace in me

Father, Spirit, Song
It wasn't all that long, take the bibles sixteen songs
They all bleed as one, father, spirit, and song

No, she's not coming back

Apostles be heard, listen to her laugh
Please teach me sir, 'cause she's not coming back

The Forest Harbors the Night          

Walking through the forest in Lavaltrie
And the harbors on the fundy
Thinkin’ about you and me, and you and me
Decisions aren’t my favorite thing

Of all the roads we’ve traveled on
The 20 seems to go so long
185 New Brunswick way
I think that’s where I will stay

Walking through an old church yard
See my family dead and gone
The creek still flows like it ever did
New life springs on top of it

Victory Song 2.0                                 

Lord knows, We’re gonna win this together or alone
Lord knows, there is no stopping this Victory Song
Lord Knows, that I won’t admit no fear
Lord Knows, that I just wanna get out of here

You can’t make me hide
And you can’t change my mind
Ain’t nothin’ I can’t conquer
And I don’t need her
No fortresses in my way
I’ll always have my say
I think I am who I want to be
And I don’t really need to be free

And I’m glad to see someone other then me
Take the beating and leave me free
And to tell the truth, I’m glad it wasn’t you
When I opened my eyes this morning
I might not have perfect health, but I can think for myself
And I’m welcome everywhere I go
I might need, but I finally see
My own path to Victory

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