Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Daniel Greer Band (c) 2002

No Ones a Virgin– by: Daniel and Jonathan Greer         © 2002

Born in innocence, we soon become evil
as this life, rapes us all
naked born was the man, who sold the world
naked born was I
we’re never gonna make it out alive
but that’s okay, cause no one’s really trying now
so just enjoy the ride, cause it doesn’t matter to most, if  you live or die

No one’s a virgin, cause the world has screwed us all

I breath the fresh air, it feels so good to get out of this hell, I like to call my home
I kick a rock, the sound vibrates up beneath the clouds that stroll
lyrical mastermind, how can a hate become my soul, I realize, I’ve got no control
so if nothing’s ever going to change, just kill my revolution now
cause everything’s going to be better someday

No one’s a virgin, ‘cause the world has screwed us all
Destined to murder, until mankind's fall
No one’s a virgin, ‘cause the world has screwed us all
Is it God, or is it all our fault

And I know, that you will be the death of me
And I know, that I’m going to kill you too
And I know, that nothing is going to stop me now
But I just don’t know, what I’m going to do

Bored– by: Daniel Greer © 2002

Where am I, and what the hell am I doing here                    I look overhead, and I see nothing
Do you want to take all the things in which I hold dear
I look overhead, hoping for something
Three minutes and nothing comes to mind
Perfect few, replication is blind
Writes itself, just like me and you
Sit by myself, I ain’t got nothing to do

Yeah, I ain’t got nothing to do
And I’m too bored to try anything new
So I sing another song
And let it go on and on

I’m so sick of trying to make sense
Of what everybody else is, trying to say
I can’t even explain why I came here at all
I guess I was just a little bit, lonely today
Lack of sleep has put my head in a mess
At least that’s my, at least that’s my guess
Music is my only holiday
So keep your distance, you’d better stay away

Yeah, you’d better stay away
Because I don’t want you here today
Alone I like to mourn, alone I like to cry
Alone I was born, and alone I want to die

I try to make up a last verse
And in no way is it connected to the first
Coming down from my high on life
I give something else a try
Nutty prof, and unbelief
I can’t believe he tried to call me a thief
Just for trying to fill a hunger
That nothing seems, to satisfy

On the Loose– by: Daniel Greer © 2002

Embarrassed by my seriousness, I sing on anyway
Though the look that’s on your face, makes me wanna yurn away
Encompassed by my sadness, I put it in my art
But it doesn’t seem that you really care
Your spit fractures my heart

Ohh, Will you ever understand,
Ohh, or is it me,
Ohh, Fish gets up and walks on the land (sand),
Ohh, you know that it cannot be

There’s a killer on the loose, and he lives within my walls
Every night I hear him, banging and thumping, up and down the halls
How I pray he does not enter, the barriers of my room,
And impale upon me, a night that’s full of gloom

Put here not to be here,
Not to see and not to hear,
Evil man who heads it all,
Evil man myself I fall

Agitate the Mind– by: Daniel Greer © 2002

It’s almost time too get up again,
And I’m still wide awake and nowhere near zen,
Concentrate on nothing I’ll go crazy inside,
Music to my ears, but death to the mind,
Lengthy and short, quite a qualitative quantity,
When Kurt died to my mind, so did my serenity,
Do you think I’m crazy, oh do you dare try,
I’m just really lazy, excuse me while I cry

I don’t need your politics, I’ve got some of my own,
And they look to be better than, all that hatred you’ve shown,
And I don’t need your hair dye, natural gray is best,
Aged to perfection, yet desperately needing rest

I don’t need your chemicals to mess up my mind,
I’ll think for myself, so go brainwash somebody else,
Enlighten me with herbs it may help me unwind,
An obvious choice between death and my mind

I don’t need your God, okay, maybe I do,
Confusion overcomes, I can’t believe I lost you,
Pray for me I’ll pray for you, one of our God’s must hear,
Blind man say’s of the deaf man, “You know it’s me that he fears”

Herbal Me– by: Daniel Greer © 2002

Entrance my mind, enstitch me to you,
Missing you tonight, I nod my head to the tune,
Depressed by the fact your gone, why’s it feel like it’s been so long,
Wondering where you are today, radio takes my mind away

Were just killing time, until we die,
Killing time between our highs,
Killing day, and killing the night,
Trying to enjoy the times between our sighs

Depression should not exist, in a world that is so green,
But what’s decided is right or wrong, by our higher up’s is deemed,
But using what God gave us, one hundred percent,
Learn of a new freedom, until our safety is spent

And now I feel so alive again,
I’ve entered myself into a complete zen,
Open a psalm and it all makes sense now,
Happiness comes from reaping what God sows

Yeah, but you do it too me too,
Self reliant, but still in need of you,
But needing uplift, nature will do the job,
Legalize the sweet leaf, and save us from the mob

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