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Victory Song (c) 2009

All lyrics by Daniel Greer and Jonathan Greer, (c) 2009


Told me a dream, sold me real live gold
The power goes out and the time stops, but the people live on
Their screams light up the streets, but I don’t lie awake
Fight off the movement and wait

Yeah, I’ll wait until it comes to me
And there’s no way I’m gonna break
Yeah, I’m counting on the world to change
And there’s no way I’m gonna break

Mold a world to purity, take freedom, spoil the fruit
I’m not bowing down to you
I’m making my stand against a brave new world
I’ll take the savage path and wait

In Vines

Another shot in the perfect direction
I know, I know it’s gold
Lights down for a better reception
Downsize the old, I know

We’re all bitter when it comes to this
And I’ll stand right in your way
It’s not like me to be true to such a trend
But I know, I know, I know...

More theories with one reaction
I know, I know I’m sold
Live wires and a spark of passion
I know, I know it shows

We’re all thankless

End your worries with a night of passion
I’m sure you know I know
Lights down to restore the attraction
I know, I know it’s gold

Free Your Soul

I smoke when I drink and I smoke when I drive
I’ll smoke till I die ‘caue it makes me alive
I pace when I smoke and I pace on the phone
I pace all the time I pace not at all
I pace and I smoke, I pace and I...

You Don’t
Accept Where You’ll Go
When You Don’t Know
Free Your Soul

I’m never alone, I’m alive all the time
Breaking the forces, breaking the times
Bottle it up, it passes you by
Get better with time or accept that you’ll die
I’m better with time…

We are the people
We are the free
Tired but ready
To fight for our minds

Perfect Crime

The peasants all just stand in line
Out of touch but we still find
We know what they don’t know

If sacrifice is not a crime
Then patriots are not a sign of age
But we still prayed

We don’t have to go home broke
We don’t have to go home at all
We don’t want to stand up for this
But we would rather stand up than fall

Into the streets with a holy choir
A young heart screams, “We’ve got no fire!”
We know, but we’re all sold

Stain the sheets with one desire
Fake the rest and tell the liars your age
At least we prayed

So Get

Well it’s alright, I guess I just made you high
But by tonight, I’ll make you cry

Don’t take your time with me boy
And don’t forget the rent
Time’s not forgotten me boy
So get before it’s spent

Well it’s alright, I guess I just made you blind
Your future’s bright, I need new light

Fool’s Gold

I’m awake now
Face glued to the TV set
If the tired pray for food
Then the hungry fall to death
So I stood up to the cause
Took a walk to see some scenery
I stood up to the man who shot me dead
Then I smoked up in a tree

So good, so good
But it’s over, and it’s all I know
So good, so good
But it’s nothing like the lines we stole

So I’m a fool now?
I would have never guessed it like that
There’s someone in the corner who speaks of gold
And another who calls for debt
So I stood up in the clouds
Watched the world through a tall, thin glass
I ran into the girl who wished me dead
Then I took off in a flash

Now word’s got out that I played with the Devil
And I know that all things will change
I’m not about to let my fortune persuade me
So bring me back...

Get Out (Now)

Wide-eyed girl, don’t rescue me
Leave the fire and don’t breathe it in 
By design of your crippled hands
My mind drifts as I stare; oh it’s just like a drug

Oh no, we can’t keep this going
We’ve got to get away from this secret life
This rush to the head should get me by

Freedom comes with a glimpse of Hell
Save your soul and get out now
Miles away from something pure
Clothe yourself in clich├ęs and beg for more

Go back, free the prisoners
Tell tales of solid gold
Lie down and take it gently
Cause it won’t get sweeter with time

Oh well, so I’m the villain
Can’t tell if I’m dead or alive
Save me, get me out

Cause it won’t get sweeter with time
Yeah, it’s gotta end or else I

No Mercy Here

When this rain falls down we all fall down
There’s no escape here from those crippling sounds
You said that I don’t care well I don’t care
Look into these eyes it’s a blank stare

People standing all around
Taking back this town
But please leave me behind
‘cause I’d rather take my time

When these minds fall down everything caves
Years of love lost for this senseless rage
I said that I couldn’t hate well now I hate
Please stay for the night it’s getting late

One Less Stranger

It’s an hour past seven
The day is so young
There’s no rock ‘n’ roll heaven
It’s got the deviant tongue
Where did we go wrong?
Live eighty years in sin
Keep your eyes on the young
Don’t let them pull you in

That’s one less stranger we can ask for direction
And I’m not too sure of anything at all
But I know that it will last

Now it’s under the table
See desire in your grin
Make a fist for the able
And let the others swim


Close your mind
Don’t question anything you find here
Made in numbers
Destiny strikes one down
I’m holding up the crowd with my face against the wall
And it’s wearing thin
But I’ll never leave it again

Fixed on love and alcohol
But I can’t wait on no one
I’ll quit my job and take off

Best not to plan
Make sure nothing gets out of hand
Tell the others
We must all be free
I’m going up against the odds
But I’ve got a feeling someone’s on my side
What a brilliant time to crash

Close your mind
Don’t question anything you find here

Set Fire

What’d ya know when you can’t go with the flow
Where do you go when you don’t know who you know?
What do you see when you can’t believe anything
Times of need really bleed through these fucked up things

I’ll be on my way, you can’t save my place
You can’t save my place, I’ll be on my way

Closing time when you can’t stop on a dime
Who do you know when you don’t know where to go?
What you need is to bleed what you really see
Set free cause I don’t know what I know

You don’t like my ways, I will never change
I will never change, I can’t see straight

And there’s no end in sight
Take your time but don’t take mine
In my mind I have raised the glasses higher
I have set fire

You hate the new ‘cause you don’t know what I do
It’s a twist that you can’t miss through this bliss
‘cause you try but you can’t fly with all your might
You could miss but answer is it worth the risk

I’m a dying race, you can’t take my place
You can’t take my place, I’m a dying race

Times three don’t tell me what I can not see
My belief is I’m smarter then anything
I won’t be that slave like your asking me
Set free ‘cause I can get through anything

You can’t make me change, I’m set in my ways
You don’t like my ways, you can’t make me change

The Victory Song

I didn’t believe it, until it was too late
Stories grow bigger, but they’re not always fake
I swear that he killed her, I swear that I dreamt, I didn’t even have a dream

He didn’t grow ugly, he started to weep
He was rampant and crazy, controlled by the beast
But as he bragged further, I started to see
That he didn’t care, and I didn’t dream

Beat them and torch it and get ‘em out of jail
The stupid motherfuckers don’t know what’s entailed
They still can’t believe the fact that they failed
Brain dead and no shot just pay the damn bail

Blood shot and brazen, hadn’t slept in days
He stumbled and he stuttered, but they didn’t want to pay
I started to watch as the dream faded away
Victory seemed so close, but now seems so vein

My friends, do not believe
That there’s no victory
For as long as there’s catastrophe
I’ll dream and believe
Don’t sweat no don’t worry

My lord, don’t you know
That we’re gonna win this, together or alone
My lord, don’t you know
That there is no stopping this victory song

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