Sunday, January 9, 2011

New World Down (c) 2004

Delightful Canvas– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Dread my most inner thoughts, a haunted sadness in her smile
Live for eyes that tell it all, candid and bled in style
Delightful canvas of empathy, I miss what made my cry
Sorrow in a beautiful time, lets sing of ways to die

My world delights me

New pretext in writing this letter of appreciation
Honestly convince myself that I’m fabricated hesitation
Lost in a better world, an everyday vacation
Life is a deeper blue, real life animation

I want to fuck you to death

Radio Rock– by Daniel Greer © 2004

She’s so fine, I’m so lost in my own mind
Stirred up for shit’s sake unaware of my kind
Drowned voiced in time try to make me blind
Reality lapses ‘cause I’m so naturally high

I want to rock out, with my cock out
I want to put it in you, and then pull it out
I want to rock out, with my cock out
I want to sick it in you, and then pull it out, pull it out

Do I really want to bring you to my world
One night equals one life, lost for a girl
Brought up to bring you up, and to give a fuck
Live my life and live yours in one love

Fessura– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Time mars away, no one to say
It’s too late
Believing in time, shortly disguised
The end is not so bright

You say you’re so incline
You say there is no time

Enjoy your days
I don’t need no holiday pain

Time mars away, I’m your prey
Powerless and frayed
Move today, allow us a say
It won’t change

You say it’s so uncharmed
You say it’s weak to disarm

Disarm, spare us from harm

Believe– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Wait for no one just me
Taste the feeling I can see
It’s in your eyes

It’s in your eyes, I can feel it
It’s in your eyes, I believe

Make my life become a tune
It is a love song for you
Is it too long?

Is it too long?
Whys it always have to be a sad song?

I feel joy, finally
It’s in your eyes, I believe
It’s in your eyes

Of the Lambs– by Daniel Greer © 2004

There’s a beauty that’s inside her,
It makes me cry now and again
There is a silent wind that whispers,
You are no better than them

Then silently I whispered,
But I loved her more than I could say
All these voices in my head they’re calling me,
But I silenced them today

There is something that I notice,
When she is around
I am such a dependant creature,
And I may never be found

Then silently I whispered,
But I loved her more than I could say
All these words come from my boredom,
Cause I’m just to stoned to play

And all my patience dwindles
And I don’t need your help
And I swear I fucking loved her
But I can’t believe myself

Popular– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Put down my thoughts, for whatever they mean to me
Tearing down inside, blessed to be the king
Serenity is nothing, perception is key
I’ll never be president, and I don’t know what it means

I wanna be popular

I told her everything, she doesn’t even remember my name
Love is my second wish, though it still bares the same
Time is moving too fast, life’s a blur to me
Forget the world for now, ‘cause I don’t know what it means

I wanna be president
I wanna learn dissent
I wanna scrap this song
I wanna write one eight minutes long

Fatal Awakening– by Daniel Greer © 2004

I don’t find a way in your discriminatory
Cries like the ocean does for her
Triple fatalities, blessed awakening
She doesn’t know how I feel for her

I am yours

Fight away the movement
Make it all fade away
Oceans darken everyday

I am a lost devotion
I don’t believe I told her so
Heaven downplays how much I miss her
Sweeter then anything I’ll ever know

Kill the movement
I am here to kill the movement
I am the movement

Fallen– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Compensate our head of state, peace in mind to kill the hate,
See my God lying on the cross, I lie to him for all is lost

Today, follow, nothing’s, this hollow

Take away all this pressure
Love the world for it can be better
Spend my time alone in love
Naked soul I come undone

Kill the son with lying hands, takeover the earth with mortal brands,
They can die but so is he, life is lost for liberty

Today, I’ll save, it’ll be, okay

Kingdoms fall, but we rebuild their walls
But they can fall, once and for all inside of you

Clothed in Fear– by Daniel Greer © 2004

I’ll make it, I’ll make it this time
I’m naked, I’m forgetting just who we are
I’ll never, I’ll never laugh again
I will never become a man

And it takes all kind of fear
Will we ever get out of here

I’ll take it, I’ll take it just one more day
I’m naked, I’m forgetting just how to pray
I’m every, I am every stat you see
I’m living, this picture perfect minority

Break gender roles, do we want to be the same
Defined in myself, I always want to pass the blame
So personal, why can’t I share it with the world
Don’t want God to know, that I don’t want to love a girl

And it takes all kind of fear
To get us out of here
Get your mind clear of him
Bible says that it is wrong to sin

I’m taking, I’m taking my own life
And hoping, that these two wrongs make a right
You call it, you call it the only hope
What about loving me, like I love the world

New World Down– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Peace a sound more then I can bare
soothing, soothing far down
Making amends for nothing else forsaken,
morbid times won’t bring me down

Alive against the world, freedom comes if we’ll dig deeper down

I long to see him, I know I could if only I could get one step closer
If only I could take my mind off myself

Lonely life, allow us to see more
frightening things in a new light

Alive against the world, freedom comes if we’ll dig deeper down
New eyes see the world, sensual, I know I saw his face

The darkness in his eye, I knew it was him
The shining, the perfection, the knowingness, the gaze

Castles awake to mare then was ever at stake
I’m not alone for I realized life is fake
Freedom to live a punishment more then can
deter the fascist movement from taking us out

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