Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Greatest Life Unknown (c) 2011

Insert Your City

I feel the music inside me now and it’s made me numb
The night’s over, but the day’s still young
I’ll go wherever it takes me, and it’s such a rush
When it’s something that I can’t stop

It’s the energy in Montreal
That’s why it’s the place to be
It’s the music of New York City
That’s why I live so free
Well I’d never come back from Halifax
If not for this simple need
It’s my friends back home, Toronto,
That’s why you’re the place for me

There’s nothing to tell me when I’ve had enough
Of the good life, cause it’s a good life
I know you all feel the same way, and that’s why you’re here
So let’s drink up, clear the still air

It’s my friends back home, Peterborough
That’s why you’re the place for me

It’s the energy, insert your city!
That’s why it’s the place to be
When I’m in the mood, Chicago blues
That’s why I live so free
Well I’d never leave St. John’s George Street
If not for this simple need
It’s my friends back home, Lindsay, Ontario
That’s why you’re home to me

Lights Out

I can feel it in the air again
When the chill in the wind seeps through my skin into my bones
And my body starts shaking like something is escaping from my soul
I’m in a room full of people I will never really know
But we all come together for the sake of the show

And the band plays, takes my mind out of deep thought
It gives me a reason to sing along, and I won’t change the path I’m on
Sometimes it’s hard to hide the hate in my eyes
But one of these days you’re gonna lose that smile
That lights up the path your on

And the night begins to come alive
The crowd gets looser as the band hits a groove that sounds so tight
My mind’s been racing, but it can’t keep up with my drive
And the signs keep telling me to stay between the lines
But my heart starts jumping to new highs

You’ve gotta feel it, girl
Right down your spine
You’ve gotta feel it, girl
Like I feel in mine
You’ve gotta feel....

Riding Out the Storm in Quebec

It’s getting harder to be the change I wanna see
I just can’t seem to find the strength she tried to teach me
It takes all that I have just to keep warm
But she’s riding out the storm

Riding out the storm in Quebec

I don’t want to say I needed it, but it’s hard to replace a crutch
I don’t want to say I believed in her, ‘cause I don’t believe in much
She might be the strongest woman ever born
And she’s riding out the storm

But it gets stronger everyday
Blow me over and she’ll stay
Eighty years and counting till today
She left me here and now I gotta find my own way

This is My Gun

Would you stop to help a stranger, or would you laugh at their expense?
Would you look them in the eye, or turn away and drop your head?
Would you make your life a statement?

Would you keep yourself together, or would you crumble in their hands?
Would you hold firm and fight, or just give into their demands?
Would you make your life a statement?

Would a gun to your head put some fear in your eyes?
Or would stand for your cause, in its name give your life?

Could you stand up before God, when it comes to judgment day?
Will he open up his doors, or will he turn your soul away?
Did you make your life a statement?

The Greatest Life Unknown

I’ve never quite known what I want for sure
Through away true love for the worlds allure
And I don’t know where it is I want to go

I’ve never quite known what they want from me
But I won’t give strength to your authority
I would much rather make it on my own

You want war?
Take me alive

Freed from this life by my golden eyes
I’ve always believed my dreams I could fly
So there’s no height that’s out of reach for me

If I could beat time then I’d surely shine
‘cause I know what’s yours and I know what’s mine
and there’s no way that we’d accept defeat

I’ve lost my patience with what’s been shown
It’s time to live like so much more
We’ll live the greatest life unknown

Burn Together

Pack and leave houses from each town we crash in
Play to the crowd whether one or one thousand
Face the music before it ever hits the album
Pull all the punches, make it real, make it loud
And stick to our guns, cause we’re anything but cowards
No confines of home, no pay by the hour
Just a lot of burnt bridges and a little ambition
And some fuel for the fire

Light up, light up, we all burn together
But somehow there’s a beauty in the flame
Kill it, or we’re all just forced to change

And we’ll spread out, gain power by numbers
Like flies they’re drawn to the lights that we’re under
And we’ll sell them our vision if the cause is permitted
Take power and give a voice to the winded
And if anyone dares to stand in between us
Or put up a fight will be thrown in the fire

And when the fire is dying, and the hype is all but gone
There will still be a spark that will carry it on
It’ll get taken by the wind, and ignite in the sky
Bring a fire to their eyes

You Got My Tongue

It’s like a dream when I scream but there’s no sound
I’ve got no voice in this world if I just step down
There’s no middle ground, it’s all or nothing now

On the losing end of a long, hard fought game
But it’s part of the game to engage in some foul play
And if you have your way, the people have no say

Oh, you got my tongue

It feels like I’m into something I just can’t win
But I’ll fight to the end to defend whatever I can
And I’ll still go out with pride, and fire in my eyes

No survival
This is no game
This shit’s gone viral
Spread by the sting

Canada Wide

I learned some things down in Miramichi
Not to drive the wrong ways on a one way street
And that strangers are the best friends you can meet
And in my time spent on the rock
I fell in love with a place where money don’t talk
Just the people, and they sure do talk a lot
And there’s one girl that will always put us up

We move out at sunrise
Just need a place for the night
To sleep off the cheap wine
That weighs down our eyes

Driving through the mountains Squamish, BC
I took a wrong road found some winding streets
Thought that day, was the last that we would see
But we lived on to see the next city

We’re Canada wide!

Everything I’m Not

It’s knowing when you’ve had too much
And fighting when it’s not enough
It’s learning where to leave your trust
And the fine art of tough love
It’s the will to stand up strong
In the face of your defeat
And rising up above the crowd
So you can finally set them free

It’s everything I’m not

It’s being sure of every move
And to make them with no excuse
It’s making up the time you lose
No matter how long it takes you
It’s giving everything you have
When there’s no one to impress
It’s going after what you want
And never taking less

It’s everything I’m not

War Movie

It’s like a scene from a war movie, but just the nice parts
We can just sit and watch the sky light up, like it don’t concern us
‘cause they don’t care about us tonight

And you’re the one I need again
My hearts aching more then pain
This light will shine on us again
Make amends

It’s like a bar down in Mexico, and you just met the right girl
And the music is just right, those nylon strings sound so nice
‘cause they don’t care about us tonight

And I see more then I believe in
I want to deny it but I still feel the breathing
This war is over if you believe it
But I think it’s this war I’m needing

And I’d love if I just could see you
Time’s flying by but I still feel I need it
War is over if we believe it
But I don’t want to numb this feeling

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