Sunday, January 10, 2016

Electric Nights (c) 2015

Our Night

For the better part of half the day
I bust my ass for minimum wage
But I come home to the sun and a glass of wine

The trees around don’t provide much shade
But that’s okay ‘cause I’m pretty pale
And I’d like to shed some light on this hell

This is the time to live the best days of our lives
As we sing about the summer sun 
That shines right through the night
And the day that’s about to come 
Is the last thing on our minds
This is our night

If the summer ends without a raise
Then I’ll be out of there anyway
Damn the man, then fold my hands and pray

I’ll move on without a plan
Just good intent and guitar in hand
I’ll travel around and plug my band

I’d like to get myself back to the streets
Feel the rush of it all living through me
Get over all the things that I can’t change
Make the best of the real world

I’ll learn to live with no regret


Went out last night when I should have been home
Left my baby all alone
I got up, I went out, I got drunk

Fuck my luck here we go again
It’s just me and the bottle my friend
Been through so much
Lets do it again

She knew I lied and I never tried
And I would never quit this vice

When it starts this bad it can only get worse
But it’s hard to leave when the sex is good

He talks to much, says the dumbest shit
Takes too many drugs and he’s always lit

Nickels & Dimes

They're tryin' to close the place down
But we've taken up the stage
The darkness kinda pierces me
The lights, they do the same
Another day of dreamin' it seems, and I'm feelin' mighty fine
I ask myself a question, with an answer I don't need to find

It was this life that I wanted, right?

People askin' me for nickels
When I haven't got a dime
My newly blistered fingertips
Are takin' up my time
Another night of livin' in the lights out on the town
It's only been four nights, and I'm already burnin' out

I'm busy workin' daily
To make enough to play
This music's my obsession
My will says there's a way
Don't know if I can do this
With a little help, I will
Ooh-oh I'm livin' for this thrill

This li-i-i-i-ife is all I need
Oh, it's all I need!


Long night out on the town
Feels like we've made our rounds
Barkeeper says it's time to
Drink up and get out!

The last drink went straight to my head
I should get home to bed
If I plan to work at 6:00 AM

I walk outside of the bar
I never make it too far
Before I feel another
Good time comin'

Better stick to the plan
I make poor decisions
When I make 'em after 2:00 AM

When I get carried on this way
I can be easy to persuade
And then I find it hard to say


Lights Out

I can feel it in the air again
When the chill in the wind seeps through my skin
Into my bones
And my body starts shaking
Like something’s escaping from my soul
I’m in a room full of people I will never really know
But we all come together for the sake of the show

And the band plays
Takes my mind out of deep thought
Gives me a reason to sing along
And I won’t change the path I’m on
Sometimes it’s hard to hide the hate in my eyes
But one of these days you’re gonna lose that smile
That lights up the path you’re on

The night begins to come alive
The crowd gets looser as band hits a groove
That sounds so tight
My mind’s been racing
But it can’t keep up with my drive
The signs keep telling me to stay between the lines
But my heart starts jumping to new highs

Oh, you’ve gotta feel it girl
Right down your spine
Oh, you’ve gotta feel it girl
Like I feel in mine
Oh, you’ve gotta feeeeeel…

Morning Light

Give me a guitar and an open fire
A handful of people to amuse
And usually I’d sing the blues
But now I’ve got a different point of view

Crack a beer, crack a joke
Play a song to make 'em move
‘Cause rock n’ roll is ageless tunes
And laughter’s more contagious than the flu

And when the music goes all night
You’re sure to find your soul in the morning light

We’ll play our music to the rising sun
Dance and drink until we’re gone
To make sure you could sing along
We put this next line into our song

La la la lalala
La la la lala la laaa

When the music goes right through the night
‘Till the lights go out and the sun gets bright
And the simplest things can amuse our minds
In the morning light

Like some fool playing their guitar
Strumming just a single chord
Or a group of people singing
Oh oh oh

Atlantic Ocean

Sitting high up on this rock
The crowds of people walk beneath my feet
But they don't see me 
And my song just lingers in the trees

As I sing, I am watching
The waves roll in as steady as the beat
And the water
Goes as far as I can see

The Atlantic Ocean has my eyes swimmin'

And I just wish that you could see it 
'Cause I would love to share this feeling
But you're so far away from here

Now the song ends, and I start thinking
About the short time we shared
And I wonder if we ever will again

As I look around me, there's so much beauty

Fear This change

My whole life, I stayed in one place
I took the easy road, Let time be my grave
But I’ll be stagnant no more, I’ll get out of this town
I’ll be my own man, I won’t let you bring me down

I won’t fear this change

The life that I want, It ain’t the one I got
I wanna see the whole world, I wanna fall in love
But this change won’t come, by the hand of God
I need to do this myself, or stay here and rot

I’ve defeated my weakness, I’ve laid it to rest
Victories inside me and I’m at my best
No more working for nothing I won’t be your slave
My freedom’s my power I’ll take to my grave


She’s a flower who’s never judged a soul
She’d find the good in anyone
And he’s a stubborn man that drove her cold
The way he’d drink and lose control
He’s changed a lot these days, but it’s no use
She just remembers the abuse
She’s put up with his shit for all these years
And now to his surprise…

He’s on the other side of it now
And he can’t believe what he’s done to himself
There’s a light at the end
But he’s spending his last days in hell

There’s a strong resentment in her eyes
It’s clear he’ll never make it right
So he just lights a smoke and watches time
In hopes that it will pass him by
She never shows her smile when he’s around
And now it’s wearing him down

Bless Your Heart

Damn the way that you looked at me
That turned me into glass
And swept me off my feet
Damn the way I believed
But bless your heart

Damn the way that you looked at them
Damn the way they looked back
Like they had already had you
And you had your way with them
But bless your heart

Damn the way that you didn’t speak
When I opened up and told you
Just the way I feel
And damn the way that feels

Damn the way I still hold this grudge
Damn the way I still think about it so damn much
Since you left me in the dust
But bless your heart

I’m bitter to the end, but in the end
It’s just a game we all play, and the rules always change
So I’ll put it in the past, ‘cause time is moving so fast
And sing for tomorrow, today should never last this long

Damn this town, it’s making me feel old
And damn this place, I hesitate to call home
And damn the way things go

Damn the way I still hate my job
Damn the way I can’t just appreciate what I got
And damn that which never stops
But bless your heart

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